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Speak the "Language of the Heart™"

Feelings Can Be Fun!!!

Learn to Speak the "Language of the Heart™"
with Amy Donnan, MA, LP, IMH-E®

Infant Mental Health Mentor - Clinical 

Amy is a psychologist dedicated to emotional healing, guidance and mastery. Amy is an inventor, songwriter, psychologist, consultant and maker of toys and products that 'make feelings fun.' She also is an advocate for children and supports others who create from the heart.  Children call Amy "the worry doctor" because she helps make worries feel better.


Aniin, hello!

I feel grateful to have learned much from the children and adults I meet. Children especially discover the wisdom of their emotions quickly.  A little girl once told me other children should "...let the feelings out...if he (she) lets the feelings out he'll  (she'll) erase the bad picture in his heart...and have more love."