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“Thinks best while moving” is a story about ADHD. Several years ago I met a little girl who could not sit still but love, love, loved to play the piano. She tackled complex music pieces with ease and had a terrible time sitting down to learn about math.

In this little girl’s case both her thoughts and her feelings moved around at super sonic speeds, so playing the piano turned into a miraculous way for her to feel while learning about rhythm. She then transferred that experience of feeling different speeds in music, to adjusting her body speed in different situations.

Little Girl Playing Piano
Little Girl Playing Piano

However, it’s important to consider the fact that she didn’t accomplish this alone, and both her music teacher and her mother were her biggest supporters, encouraging her to practice and play, and noticing and giving her feedback about how happy she looked when playing and how easily she was able to follow the pace of the music. Her relationship with supportive adults helped her discover this musical miracle.

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