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Balancing Head and Heart

Have you ever heard yourself or someone else start a conversation with "I feel that...." and then offer an opinion? Balancing head and heart is so much easier when we shift our language into the "Language of the Heart," and distinguish our thoughts from our feelings. When we say "I feel sad about..." we are connecting with our hearts, more easily recognizing that we are having thoughts about those feelings such as "I wish ..."

My husband's nephew died recently, at an age when he was excited about a new job, new home, and new chapter in his life. Saying "I'm so sad, I wish he had lived longer so he could enjoy all the new creations in his life" helps us move through that sadness. If I were stuck on "I feel (opinion coming) he should have lived longer." I'm stuck in my feelings and it's tougher to move through them.

I think fondly of my mom's enthusiasm for math and offer that moving through change is a bit like 'emotions math' EMOTION + FEELING (happy, sad, mad, scared, love) = ACTION. Our best actions come when we have sifted through the thoughts and feelings, giving us a chance to move in a direction that supports our return to balance. With feelings!


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